Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers just withdrew. go to your favorite news site.

Personally, I think she threw herself on her sword, and knew she would do so from the very beginning.

After all, now Bush can put up nearly any others of his cronies and they'll likely be better qualified. Not qualified mind you, but better qualified. The standard has been set.

That said, the line her speech supporting Roe v. Wade,
The ongoing debate continues surrounding the attempt to once again criminalize abortions or to once and for all guarantee the freedom of the individual women's [sic] right to decide for herself whether she will have an abortion.
did make me sad. But I am absolutely not in favor of anyone getting on the most highest muckety muck judiciary who isn't skilled and experienced at actually interpreting the law and applying it to different situations. Even if she seems to support something I consider foundational.

I'm done talking about it though, the rest of you have at it. has the original AP story.

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