Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It must be nearing an election

Because campaigns are invoking Hitler. I am so tired of people throwing around Hitler or Fascism every time someone disagrees with them. Ugh.

Adolf Hitler became a central character in the Virginia governor's race this week as Republican Jerry W. Kilgore's campaign used the Nazi leader's name in an emotional ad on the death penalty... Kilgore's ad accuses Democrat Timothy M. Kaine of not supporting the death penalty, even for Hitler. <more>

"There's a real difference here in the use of Adolf Hitler," Cantor said. "Mr. Rosenbluth was trying to illustrate that Tim Kaine's views are so extreme, he wouldn't put the ultimate killer to death."
Tim Kaine's anti-death penalty views are so EXTREME, that he wouldn't put Hitler to death? And this is a bad thing? Consistency in a politician?

And the Kilgore campaign managed to have about 36 hours of news cycle out of it because they released it just before Yom Kippur.

There's a good editorial posted on Kaine's website.

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