Sunday, October 16, 2005

4:18 am - Sorry if you recognize this list for what it is

Recognize these? ER - Rare Gems - Adams family Values - buy Shy - Coin Vault - Santa's Toy Shop - Heartland - Suze Orman - Oreck - My Body Guard - Fresh Prince - teacher's pet - dave the barbarian - School Ties - the amazing whirling chopper - boundty hunters - 20 dates - videos - Total Gym - Godzilla Vs. Megachizalla - Trading up - Happy Days - Rare Gems - Brainiac - Guthy Renker.

It's pitiful what's available on television to keep one awake at 4:20 in the morning. (although Brainiac is pretty good) If you too recognize this list, I'm sorry, but you should be sleeping now.
If I had something other than dialup, I'd watch any of the great independant films at or, but alas, it's me and my dialup.

Why am I awake? Because we've been pumping out our basement since yesterday at 8 am when we woke up to 3 inches of water. I'm incredibly (O.M.G. Some guy just said, 'right in my ass' on the Total Gym ad, the phrase leapt right out at me) grateful that we are able to keep up with the water. We turn the pump on for 20 minutes, then off for 20 minutes, but I'm not sure how much it's helping, because although we're pumping it outside, it ends up in the storm drain that's backing up into the basement. As long as we don't use any water it's just runoff and not sewage, so there's that which I'm also grateful for.

I did it yesterday till 11 pm, then Beck did it, and now Tag! I'm It until I go to work this morning, when she'll get up again, but some incredible people on the RE Council are going to come in and be the DRE for the day after first service, so she'll be able to get back to bed.
So I'm putting this on Cranky Cindy because I am on the cranky side about this -- but still, so grateful that our house is in good strong standing.

It's funny tho' there's no StairMaster ad for running up and down to turn on pumps, and no total gym sweep the water sweep the water think wash on wash off ad either.

Going to pump and sweep now.
Oh m god, Peter Brady is selling the Ab Lounge now. ugh.

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