Thursday, September 22, 2005

This site is certified 39% evil

by the gematriculator . This is the funniest I've seen in a while. Let's hear it for invented numerology.

The Gematriculator's reasoning?
  • Amount of letters
    25053 25053=7x3579
  • Amount of different words
    1603 1603=7x229
  • Amount of words beginning with vowel
    1507 1+5+0+7=13
  • Amount of words beginning with consonant
    4207 4207=7x601 4+2+0+7=13
  • Value of all words
    2089465 2089465=7x298495

I especially like "Amount of words." Even my poor gramar and speling knows that's knot rite.

The kicker that it's a joke site? It then recommends that you go kill everyone here.

1 comment:

Michelle Murrain said...

I'm afraid of the people that will take that site seriously!!! I mean there are those people, you know.