Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Focus on the Family is promoting the truth that homosexuality is preventable and treatable"

Join me at the Love Won Out conference in Boston on October 29th.

If you want to understand, really understand, what the Religious Right thinks, there's not much of a better way than to attend an anti-gay/ex-gay/"pro-family" conference like this one.

In my work as a researcher, I've attended bunches of these religious right events, and I strongly encourage you to go if you're in New England. Love Won Out is the cornerstone of the anti-gay/ex-gay organizing, and it rarely is held in the Northeast. Given the current anti-gay marriage political campaigning in Massachusetts, it's a rare opportunity to see these committed concerned conservatives in action.

If that's not enough reason, Anne Heche's mom is one of the speakers.

I also encourage you to attend only if you can do so to learn how their world-view makes sense to them. ..and to be polite and respectful.

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