Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Take me out to the Ball Game

Donald Rumsfeld was at a baseball game while the Mayor of New Orleans and the LA governor were begging for assistance.

Shoes, Baseball, Broadway, Texas Ranch, Montana:
Why are people harshing on the Pres and his Posse?

Our federal government were totally representing our nation during the Hurricane and immediate aftermath:

Labor and Manufacturing
Sport Jocks and Loafer Lifters
Red States- Blue States
Rural - Citified
Conservative Christian - New York Jews

Really, people. The President and his advisors were simply enjoying the broad diversity this nation has to offer.

Except of course New Orleans Jazz and the rich culture created by descendants of slaves and French Canadian immigrants.

picky picky.


Cranky Cindy said...

Not Montana, Wyoming.

a terrible oops from a life long New Englander.

Chalicechick said...

Uh, OK, I was at work planning parties.

I'll bite, what fabulous thing were you doing to save the world then?

Because Rumsfeld is the Secretary of Defense and Rice is the Secretary of State and a hurricaine isn't their job really any more than it is yours or mine.

Arguably, it was Rice's job to coordinate offers of help from oversees, but I think her department could probably handle that on their own.

Obviously, Bush is in a category all his own.


Cranky Cindy said...

When a crisis happens in my congregation, the entire staff and Board gather to make and oversee a plan.

Even just orchestrating our congregational responses to this hurricane has involved the R.E. Committee, House and Property, the Board, the Coordinating Councils, the Treasurer, the Social Justice forum leadership, the Administrator and her assistant, myself, and the Minister.

When a crisis happens in our city government, all the department heads are called together to be in the same room, receive the same briefings, and collaborate on their response.

As to what was I doing? You mean besides trying to support my brother while he tried to locate his friends?

I was doing the same thing I did when Sept 11th happened. I was completely modifying the RE Social Action plan for this fall for the 150 children in 21 classes here who need to feel connected and not powerless. I was working with our staff and Board to create opportunities of "ordinary holiness."(Victoria Safford, uuworld, this quarter, "between the human need for help and the human capacity to offer it, there [comes] the miracle of ordinary holiness.")

It's Opening, and full-time DREs work about 25 days in a row getting everything up and running, including Saturday and Labor Day. That's the job.

I expect the same out of Rumsfeld and Rice who have accepted responsibility to oversee great sections of our nation. I expect them to participate in the top-level conversations about national crises. I expect them to do what the job requires. Period.

Your biting wit aside, your "fabulous thing" that you were doing
was your J. O. B.
which, I've gleaned, is part of the political process.
I was doing mine.
They weren't.

thanks for reading my blog,