Saturday, January 05, 2008

A great line-by-line exegesis of a Concerned Women for America Article

Judge Declares the Declaration of Independence Unconstitutional .
I am delighted someone (else) will take the time to pull apart the ramblings of anti-American theocrats. Particularly those theocrats who have their knickers all bunched up right now for Rev. Huckabee for President.

Concerned Women For America is a right wing organization (and not so many women at all actually) which claims to promote biblical values and family traditions. Their newsletter circulation is 200,000, their membership estimates ('cause they won't say) are between 250,000 and 750,000, and the numerically specific "lots and lots" read their material on the internet.

The LeHayes, founders of CWA, distributed endorsements of Huckabee all over Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, at least in part via the CWA email lists of pastors, saying
“America and our Judeo-Christian heritage are under attack by a force that is more destructive than any America has faced” [since Hitler] “Defeating the radical jihadists will require renewed resolve and spiritual rearmament by the evangelical pastors in America.”
In case you forget how seriously Mike Huckabee takes his theocracy, watch this.

Values Voter Summit comments are from the Family Research Council's 2007 event.

But I digress. Bay of Fundie has done a wonderful line-by-line exegesis Concerned Women Declare Independance from Brain, of the recent CWA commentary: Judge Declares the Declaration of Independence Unconstitutional.

It is important to know how they think, for "they" are often people in our families and at our jobs (tho' usually not my job,) and seem to be a tremendous percentage of Iowan voters. It's not enough to oppose them and think they're wrong and vote for our favorite progressive alternative, we need to know how to logically dismantle the falsehoods, implications, and just plain bad reasoning in most of their arguments in our day to day lives.

And even if you don't read it, the photo at the top of Fundie's article is worth the link click all by itself.

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