Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Why do adults trick or treat?

Really. Inquiring minds want to know. Last night we had about 65 kids and 6 adults. The kids were cute and adorable. Even the teenagers who decided at the last minute to go out with a streak of lipstick doubling as a costume were cute, but not so much cuteness from the adults.

None mumbled "this is for my other kid who is sick at home," or even stated, "I only look grownup." They proudly held their bags open for me to give them candy.

Is it just me? Do any of you trick or treat for yourself, and if so, why?????


Anonymous said...

I had that at my house as well. We have to spend about 50$ a year on candy, and when an adult came up, I would look directly into their eyes and ask, "How old are you?" But they wouldn't get embarrassed, which simply made me more angry so I stopped asking.

My husband suggested that perhaps they needed to collect candy so they would have some to give out at their houses.

I doubt it. I'm going with 'forgot to grow up.'

Polyhymnia said...

The last person to ring our doorbell and say, “Trick or Treat” was an adult. She had on a bright orange T-shirt with a Halloween design and she said, “Hi, I’m dressed as a lesbian and I just came to see if guys have any good candy. We don’t have any good candy at our house.” Since she is a lesbian, her costume was very convincing and since she is a friend of ours, we invited her in to share what was left of our candy.

Ellis said...

When I was about fifteen or so, I knew I was too old to go trick-or-teating anymore. But I loved, loved, loved dressing up and showing off my costumes. (I was always famous women from history, including Clara Barton, Artemis and Queen Mab.) So I started carrying a huge backpack and trick-or-treating for canned goods. The first year I did it, I filled an eight-foot table with food for our church food drive. Now our church young adult group does it and it's lots of fun; we don't always dress up but we have a good time. And frequently, people throw candy in our bags too! Awesome!