Saturday, November 04, 2006

Religious Professional Tip #43. If you're so exhausted you consider buying Crystal Meth

it might just be time to hire more staff.

I am, of course, referring to the admission of Rev. Ted Haggard, that he purchased methamphetamine from the gay escort, (once the convincing voicemail was released he admitted this) but says he didn't use it, or him.

I don't know if the gay-sex bit is true or not, but here's my question. Why would a man go to a gay escort/prostitute for methamphetamine and a massage but not sex??? Would one of the most significant evangelical leaders really go to a hotel to have a massage (only?) from a gay escort/prostitute? Perhaps this is simply a case of

There is a wonderful clip from, see it below or open an external link atYoutube here.
how do you have a good family? you find a person of the opposite sex and make a lifelong committment to them..

More at YouTube
Ted Haggard from Jesus Camp the Movie
The Church lady responds, sort of.
Good Morning America plays voicemails that (sure as heck sound like) Rev. Haggard calling the prostitute for meth.
Clip of him saying No, I do not Know Mike Jones. (also, includes a Rumsfeldian "There are 14,000 men and women in my church, I might know men I know that i don't know if I know they're gay)
Clip, in case you haven't seen it yet, of his meth buying admission. "I went there for a massage"

This is just fun, 'cause wait, there's more!!

Mike Jones, the escort in question, is pretty believable on MSNBC.

Oral Roberts University has already erased Haggard from their website, but in a fashion that means they could bring him back very easily. This is slow, but enjoyable.

OR, see Jimmy Kimmel wrap it all up in 5 minutes.

I'm sure that i'll soon get tired of my new dsl inspired video toy, but for now, here's to YouTube!

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