Friday, February 01, 2008

Terrorism breaks my heart again

Two adult women with mental retardation/Down's Syndrome/mental illness (descriptions vary and their specific challenges are unclear to me) were strapped to bombs and exploded from a safe distance by (theoretically) mentally [st]able terrorists in Baghdad today.

Excuse me a moment while Hope takes a pause to make space for a competing thought:

People suck.

And I will continue my work to make it be otherwise.

The Reign of G-d is among us.

(AP continues to publish reports of mental retardation. thanks to h sophia for noting that NPR didn't)

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h sofia said...

I just heard several stories about this on NPR tonight, and there was no mention that the women had Down's Syndrome or mental disabilities. Wow. In fact, one report said the bomber detonated the bomb herself. The second bomber they don't know if she died in the blast or not.