Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Keith Olbermann Calls the President to Repentance and so should we

Good Golly Miss Molly, this statement has more power and clarity than any speechifying I've seen on television all year. If you haven't seen or read Keith Olbermann's Bush Owes Us An Apology yet, you must do it now. You can view the clip on his blog site linked above, or at Crooks and Liars in WMV or QT. [9/21 Note: since Michelle instructs me below as to the challenges of Crooks andLiars links, and then went to the effort of posting the video herself, please watch it there.]

Read it to yourself or watch the original, then come back here to read the rest of this entry.

[No really, click a link above and read or watch the essay first then read on for my take.]

I think that the President is so out of bounds in general and in particular with his statement that "it is unacceptable to think there is any kind of comparison between [actions of the US and of terrorists]..." that it deserves not only the apology Olbermann demands, but a gianormous turning away from sin repentance experience. What America should do with this speech/editorial/statement, over and above reading it quietly or watching Mr. Olbermanns' excellent delivery and then talking about it on blogs, at watercoolers or in grocery stores, is to do an All-American Dramatic Reading. Outloud. In public.

In fact, I think that all of America could do a simultaneous reading of this statement, in unison, church style. Our President continues to believe, being surrounded by sycophants as he is, that he not only knows best, but that he's speaking on behalf of the country.

Therefore, I call for Americans everywhere to organize and read this essay in unison as a National Call for the President to Repent and Turn from his Ways, this Sunday, September 24, at noon Eastern Time.

And since very few people read this sporadic blog, you're in charge of passing it on.


Cranky Cindy said...

ps. nod to crankymom for the original link.

Michelle Murrain said...

By the way, the direct links to Crooks and Liars videos never work - they always get redirected to the C&L home page, which is annoying. These days, I either link directly to the post that has the videos, or embed (or link) the You Tube version (which there almost always is one.)