Friday, May 26, 2006

My priorities changed without my noticing

Six years ago I was at a conference researching a book on the X-gay movement and the Religious Right when a friend called me and said that the UU was hiring a DRE. I started immediately and fell into the black hole that is everything that needs to be done to do this job right, and the book went on the back burner.

Actually, it came off the stove completely. I didn't even realize so much time had gone by until I had to do the math when thinking about a blog entry over at

6 years have gone by. Three years since I lectured on the subject, four since I did any primary research, and one and 1/2 since I agreed to do a research based blog at Talk 2 Action that hasn't gone up yet. So many of my research activities have been put on hold they're mouldery now.

It's curious that my priorities changed not by choice so much as by the pressures of immediacy, and that makes me go hmmm. My writing has been driven by the curricular needs of my RE program and the challenges of serving a congregation in transition.

And I'm not sure if I'm cranky about it so much as surprised.

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