Thursday, February 02, 2006

Inquiring Minds want to know, "What's a pissy snook?"

I made it up. Perhaps you can help me. I suspect that each of you regular, oh so gentle and uncranky readers, had some sort of understanding of what a pissy snook was when you read my last post.

I wonder if what you percieved was what I was trying to communicate. Such is the great challenge of communication - most especially of online communication where most of you don't even know me in real life.

It's my dad's inquiring mind that's inquiring, and so I open it up to you to define for him. And for me. What is a pissy snook?

Please comment below.


Anonymous said...

My read is : Pissed off, ultra-whiney, and gesturing with various fingers at people.

Pissy Snook said...

Well-----I really like my name. Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. So there. Make fun if you like. It's Me and I really like me. Pissy Snook

Anonymous said...

ok, that's just weird.
Is it Robin Edgar backdooring your posting rules?

Forgive me for posting anonymously, but if it is, I'm staying out of it.

Cranky Cindy said...

yea, maybe.

or my dad.

Anonymous said...

Pissy - More than whiny and less than vicious. A step to the right of cranky.

Snook -- the fish?

or Snook like "Cock a Snook," a five fingered salute waggling in front of your nose at SUVs?

So. A not quite vicious finger wobbling fish.