Monday, November 14, 2005

People care about this?

Debunking the Drudge Rumors, Part 1 of 2: Why He’s Not Gay, Why I Care, What It All Means

But based on my accrued knowledge of Matt Drudge, and my own gaydar, I have to say: the “outers” are toilet-papering the wrong tree. Matt ain’t on the team.

It's not the subject matter that surprises me, people gossip. Whatever.
What surprises me is the tens of pages of discussion and documentation on this subject at the above link.

I'm confident it qualifies as stupid.

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Anonymous said...

Drudge doesn't DESERVE defense. BUT I think the point is about the media. People's lives are ruined with gossip that's hard to prove false or sue for. No one's going to read a detailed explanation of the truth.

But keep in mind this seems like a specialized analytical site. Is an article in Victorian Literature or Popular mechanics stupid because you're not interested in the subject?