Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Twisty Turny of craziness. Fred Phelps as Gay Plant

I published a sermon I gave recently in Plattsburgh NY (Fred Phelps, Tom Cruise, and Me) on my other blog. Here's an interesting follow up.

The Religous/Theocratic Right has enjoyed the useful existence of Fred Phelps for years now, for they can claim that they're not as bad as he is-- that they love people, just hate their sin, whereas Rev. Phelps hates the people and the sin. Here's a good example, from what might be called generic evangelical conservative Christians, by that I mean people who are Christian first and whose politics follow what they believe is clear and fairly consistent biblical teaching... and here's one put out by one of the more vehement anti-gay organizations of the Theocratic Right, where politics is cloaked in the rhetoric of religion.

In an incredible twisty turny, Peter LaBarbera, (who once attended a Leather Party in D.C. just so he could count how many acts of sodomy he witnessed,) has, in the same essay, condemned Fred Phelps for not supporting the idea that gays can change, and simultaneously hypothesized that that Phelps is a gay plant, not really a homophobe.

silly rabbit.

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