Monday, June 06, 2005

Cold McDonald's French Fries...

are gross.

Does anyone know why? Like, do you know the science of why they're tasty delicious when hot and disgusting when cold?

Michelle? Anyone?


The Limerick Savant said...

Get the DVD of the movie "Super Size Me" and check out the the extra in which they follow the decomposition of various fast foods. After you've seen what happens (or doesn't) to the McDonald's fries, you'll never want to eat them, hot or cold, again!

Cranky Cindy said...

Thanks for the tip! I was Super Size Me and loved it, but I didn't think of extras on the DVD!

I just read that Fast Food Nation has a section on "Why McDonalds French Fries Taste So Good", which "explains how the food industry uses sinister science to secretly make us addicted to the chemicals the food companies put in our food."

I'm going to look for it.

Michelle Murrain said...

Gee, food science is out of my realm, but yeah, I'm sure it's sneaky science. But I personally didn't think any french fries tasted good cold. :-)