Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Trying out Hello for picture posting to blogs

This is me, un re-touched. Posted by Hello

Don't be fooled by the joy on my face, it is not indicative of my immediate mood. The photo was from a summer-time picnic with the in-laws, lots of fun people that I get to be related to without the baggage of childhood.

It only took a billion years of searching through the Hello Online Forums to find out that there is no direct way to post a photo directly to my blog profile with Hello, it only wants to send it here as a blog entry. The profile page wants a url, but Hello doesn't tell you a url.

There is, however, a work-around, which I post here for the general edification of cranky people everywhere.

First, Hello seems to hate Netscape, so use the evil demon Explorer. (I haven't tried it with Opera yet.)

Use Hello as directed, it will post your photo as a new blog entry.
Reload and view the page. Your photo will (should) be there.
Right click the pic and open into a new window.
At the top is the URL where Hello/Blogger is storing the photo.
Select the URL.
Open the blogger dashboard and go to edit your profile.
Paste the URL onto the line that asks for a URL.

Also, you may be gratified to find that finally my photograph head on this page isn't still as big as my actual head.

The other happy bit is that Hello is FREE!

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Michelle said...

Hey, nice picture!!